Marin Montagut grew up in the south of France, amid its colors and warmth. Very early on he starts to travel before settling down in London to study at Saint Martin’s School. When he returns to France, Paris becomes his new home.

Marin unleashes his passion for art, new encounters, antiques, and bohemian lifestyle. He is a set designer and decorator and established his own production company. He is self-taught and eclectic; he directs and produces videos for prestigious French brands as well as several documentaries across the world. This tireless world traveler continues his trip around the globe, going in whichever direction the wind is blowing, his aquarelle sketchbook always within reach, to find the unexpected places he so loves to uncover.

It’s from within this fanciful state of mind that Marin has created Bonjour City Map Guides ; a collection of beautiful urban field guides that he delicately illustrates and in which he shares his favorite spots – each the epitome of refinement, uniqueness and exclusivity.
Today, Flammarion distributes the collection throughout the world.

Marin Montagut loves traveling and discovering new beauty. He invented a charming lifestyle. Welcome to his unique world, made of fantasy and wonder.

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